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Just a quick drop-in to let you know the writing on Book 3 of the Tuner Trilogy officially commenced in September! The working title is currently . . . Book 3. It’s going slowly but it’s going. We want to make sure it’s a fitting end to the series.

Release will happen sometime in 2023. Yes, there will be a trailer. Exactly when will depend on our editor’s schedule and any upcoming (fingers crossed) day job schedules, moving, etc. Watch this space and our social media for updates.


We’re sure you’ve heard about the mess at Twitter by now. For the time being, Boomkaart Books and A. Elizabeth West are staying there. We’ll post any new social media links on the Home page here and on the About page at Elizabeth’s blog, Graphomaniac. If you want to see our tweets, make sure you follow us. We’ll begin posting news items on Instagram too, so be sure to follow there so you don’t miss anything!


Amazon has heavily discounted the paperback version of Tunerville. We had no say in this whatsoever. They CLAIM we’ll still get the same royalty, but I have my doubts. In the future, we hope to move our books to a different distributor that will widen their reach, but that will take money we don’t have currently.
In the meantime, you can get a hard copy for less now. Enjoy!


The Kindle edition of Confluence is here! Head over to the Books page to buy it.
Watch the trailer here:

We are super proud of this trailer, y’all.


Behold, the cover for Confluence, Book 2 of the Tuner Trilogy!

There will be a paperback also, a little later. We will post the new trailer as soon as the e-book is available. Follow Boomkaart Books on social media so you don’t miss it!


Due to poor sales of the updated edition of The Shiny Folk and other stories, Boomkaart Books recently removed it from Amazon’s KDP expanded distribution. The book is still available in Kindle and paperback versions but only in the U.S. We are exploring other options for distribution in future.

Confluence is nearly ready for beta readers. While they work on that, we’ll work on the book trailer. We can’t wait to show you the cover! In the meantime, we’ll keep working on making the inside as snappy as the outside.


The second book in the Tunerville trilogy, titled Confluence, is off to the editor! Boomkaart Books is planning on a 2021 release. Follow us on social media to stay updated as events progress.


A Message from the Publisher

Due to a recent change WordPress made to their paid account functions, Boomkaart Books can no longer offer a direct download when you purchase The Shiny Folk and other stories through our website.

We are a one-person operation. An upgrade to an account plan that allows direct sales is not possible financially at this time.

This is a disappointment. However, we do not want to compromise on customer service by forcing you to wait until we can manually email your book, which was the only option WordPress could offer us.

To keep the book available, we have decided to move distribution over to Amazon as a Kindle e-book. See the Books page for the updated product link.

We also had to raise the price to $2.99 to compensate for the loss of direct revenue. With that in mind, we have redesigned the cover and added three additional stories, including a brand-new dystopian tale, “MathLex.” (EDIT: A paperback version is now available for $5.99.)

We understand if you don’t want to purchase books from Amazon. We will hasten to let you know when we can offer The Shiny Folk or other books directly through the website. Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates, news, and special offers on books.

Thank you so much for your patronage.

– A. Elizabeth West, Publisher


Additional content for The Shiny Folk is in a beta read. We hope to have the third (and last) edition soon. You didn’t miss anything with edition 2; it was just a cover change.

Elizabeth is also working on Book 2 of the Tunerville trilogy, tentatively titled Confluence. Meanwhile, if you haven’t read Tunerville yet, get it here!

NEW Tunerville book trailer!

Note 8/28/2021: This is EXACTLY the same video I published in April 2020; I just smoothed it out because I have better software now.

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