What would you do if you could see a ghost, talk to it, or even touch it?

Paranormal investigator Chris Taylor invents a remote control that tunes ghosts into the physical world. The tuner’s effect on humanity threatens the dimension that houses the afterlife, known as the Realm. But the living don’t want to give up the tuners, and neither do the dead.

When a scientist bent on glory tweaks the tuner in a dangerous experiment, Chris and his friends must do whatever they can to stop her. What follows takes Chris on a journey he never imagined, one that could cost him everything!

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Kindle edition $4.99 / Paperback $14.99

The Shiny Folk and other stories

A little quiet time on your lunch break. That seemingly endless wait at the airport. A cozy evening at home. Good times to indulge in a short story or two.

In this collection of speculative fiction, you’ll find tales of a farmer’s unexpected encounter with the fair folk, an enduring relationship across time and space, a shuddering realization of what can happen if you don’t read the terms and conditions, and more.

PDF format, FREE UNTIL APRIL 30, 2020.

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